The Twist 1961 (Chubby Checker)

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From the movie: TEENAGE MILLIONAIRE 1961
I’m afraid I’ve run out of dance scenes from the 1950’s which has been called the era of “Classic Rock & Roll”. The music began to change in the 1960’s. First we had what some called “The Teen Idol” period. One of these teen idols was Jimmy Clanton who was the star of this movie. Jimmy Clanton and i had something in common. We were both drafted into the United States Army in 1961 and supposedly took basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO at the same time though in different units. Later of course came the Beetles and then the so called “British Invasion” and Rock & Roll would evolve into many different forms as time went on. After I got out of the Army and got married and became a father I pretty much lost touch with popular music and the Twist is mainly what I remember from the early 1960’s. When I look at the Twist today I see at least some resemblance to the so called “Swivels” of West Coast swing dance. Or maybe I’m just hallucinating.

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