The Jitterbug 1943

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From a Pathe newsreel 1943
Dancers Tony Jackson and Mavis Sutton demonstrate a British version of the Jitterbug. This clip references the fact that some in the British dance community considered the Lindy Hop/Jitterbug too wild or something for British dancers so they toned it down and came up a ballroom dance called “the Jive” which is still with us.

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  1. wait……….wait…….wait………I want to see the Jive. (ps. I love the plummy tones of the female announcer as she says, it will not soon grace our dance floors. I am still laughing. please put more like this on. thanks.

    little did the white folk know that these names were just other ways of the blacks getting over. rocknroll, also means to have intercourse….. . also see the work on "the voodoo origins of rock and roll" by author Michael Ventura. worth a read.


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