The Big Apple In Mexico 1938

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From the movie: LOS MILLIONES DE CHAFLAN 1938
I really like this one. We have classic Big Apple and a very interesting tap version as well. They even thrown in a little Charleston at one point. Good stuff.

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  1. That's some fancy footwork! Love the song. It just so happens my two uncles played in this band and for a few seconds you can see them in the background playing saxophones – way cool! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Es una verdadera joya este clip, porque el cine mexicano de ese entonces (incluso hoy en día) era muy nacionalista, y poco dado a representar influencias extranjeras… La secuencia es una rara avis dentro del cine indigenista (Janitzio, 1934), melodramas (La mujer del puerto, 1934), cine revolucionario (Vámonos con Pancho Villa, 1936), comedias rancheras (Allá en el rancho grande, 1936) y las comedias de Cantinflas (Águila o sol, 1937)… Como dato adicional el cantante es Ramón Armengod …


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