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This is a little special video we made to thank you all for having subscribed to our channel. We are very grateful and motivated to keep posting ❤️

We love dancing to Sam Cooke’s music, one of our favourite artists in fact!!😍

A little bit about Sam Cooke: He was one of the most influential black vocalists of his years. His signature tune “A Change Is Gonna Come ” (1965) is a true civil rights anthem that showed his hope and optimism. The song we are dancing to in the video is Blue Moon (1959).

It’s been and still is very hard times for artists and performers during covid19. We would be very grateful if you considered supporting us if you liked our content :

📣Learn swing dancing on:

Dance at home with Nils & Bianca


Thank you everybody for following us and being so sweet to us! ❤️

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  1. I can't get enough of your dancing! I am looking for the entire dance video I watched a while back and can't find it again. It is one of my favorites. I believe it is the dance you performed wearing the same clothes you are seen in on the Rock That Swing opening ( Bianca in peach colored dress and wearing glasses.) Thanks if you can help me!

  2. Прекрасное решение: танец у моря на вечернем закате, но почему Бианка на низком каблуке? Как всегда, ей это не подходит.


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