Tap & Swing Dance 1942

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From the movie: TRUE TO THE ARMY 1942
An interesting combination of tap and swing dance performed by a young Ann Miller. I’ve included the entire number including the opening and closing vocals but the best part of this begins at about the 1:20 mark. I’ve been told Ann’s song and dance partner is Connie Weidell. Cute number and as usual Ann Miller is great.

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  1. Ann's partner is "jitterbug champ Conrad Weidell," according to an article and photo in the Pittsburgh Press – May 10, 1942.
    Weidell started as a "Shag artist…" but when the Wiedells moved to New York he augmented his routine through research tours into Harlem, and Lindy Hop. He was in 9 films by June 1939, according to an article published that month.
    Dean Collins is listed as in this film. Can anyone pick him out?

  2. If Ann had been an inch or two shorter she would have been a much bigger star. She was too tall to dance with Astaire except once in ballet slippers.

  3. Hollywood had trouble working wilder types of swing dancing such as the Lindy Hop into white musicals. Southern exhibitors did not want them to come over too 'race'. You can see more restrained jitterbugging in Astaire's 'Dig It' and 'The Shorty George', but the kind you got in 'Hellzapoppin' had to be detachable from the story, or what passed for a story.

    Ann was 18 or 19 here, round about when she stopped pretending to have been born in 1919. Although films such as this were budgeted just above Bs, she was earning several hundred a week and worked continuously. Her irrepressible sense of humor well fitted what were basically topical comedies.

  4. Ann miller started dancing professionally in the movies when she was about 16, she made a movie with Gene Autry and they were doing a scene but Autrey could not kiss her because she was only 17 years old she played older girls.


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