Swing Dance & Tap 1944

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From the movie: SEVEN DAYS ASHORE 1944
This one starts out with a short swing dance scene followed by vocals by Marcy McGuire and a acrobatic tap routine by Miriam LaVelle who was mainly a nightclub performer but she did do a few films as well. The band is Freddie Slack’s.

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  1. Miriam has a great bit in THE GANG'S ALL HERE during the "Minnie's in the Money" number around the swimming pool. And I love Marcy McGuire whom I believe is still with us. If she had been at MGM instead of RKO she would have become a much bigger star.
    She's swell singing with Frank Sinatra in STEP LIVELY (1943), but when she worked again with Sinatra in IN HAPPENED IN BROOKLYN at MGM (1947) she was given no songs – or her songs were cut.

  2. *1:25 That’s exactly how I broke my arm in 1992 when I crashed into the door frame! It had to be one of my most embarrassing moments at the emergency room, I never saw an x-ray technician laugh at anyone before.


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