Swing Dance 1980’s (Frankie Manning & Norma Miller)

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From the documentary: DANCETIME RESEARCH #1
Frankie Manning dances with Norma Miller.

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  1. Dancing is the best form of exercise of all time, spiritually, physically, as well as emotionally. ThIs is why Ms Miller is fit in every capacity. Astute, sharp, articulate, keen, alert, talented, on point in memory/conversation. Ms. Miller displayed all mental facalties in tact, well inot her ninetues…have mercy!!!!! I'm 62, she was my age now, I want to be just like Ms. Miller, as she so gracefully aged when I grow up, What a lovely, graceful, beautiful, legend!!!!!!! Thank you for share.

  2. That's Frankie's favorite song, Shiny Stockings. I had the extreme fortune to take lessons from Frankie. I also met Norma and had my pic taken with her at a dance camp. Frankie was at the same camp and the moves and comedy he threw in were incredible.


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