Swing Dance 1957

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From the movie: FOUR BOYS AND A GUN 1957
It’s too bad the camera didn’t concentrate more on the dancers but that’s the way it often goes in these movies. The band is Stan Rubin and His Tigertown Five.

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  1. Hi–great to happen across this–I'm Stan's son Jon! It popped up as a related video to one I posted of him and his band's appearance on the Ernie Kovacs Show (1956): https://youtu.be/DlAFem7WxAs I haven't seen this clip in a while–he wrote this tune too (8-9-10, I'll Never Get Mad Again–I played it at my high school talent show–ha!) Just shared it around with our family too for some fond reminiscences with my dad (87 and going strong) and step-mom. Thanks!


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