Swing Dance 1944

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From the movie: JANIE 1944
This is mostly a WWII flag waver vocal number but there is some interesting swing dance scattered throughout. The lead singer is Joyce Reynolds and at about the 2:20 mark we have the Williams Brothers Quartet including 16 year old Andy Williams in his first screen appearance. I believe he’s the second from the right.

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  1. Though it's a minor role, the juggling soldier at 2:27 is Paul Madden Rogers, he was a professional juggler from 1940-1954. I knew him personally, and interviewed his daughter recently. He did small juggling bits in a few films back then.

  2. I suspect the phrase “keep your powder dry” may not make to everyone who watches this – it’s a play on words that applies to the military men who have keep gunpowder dry for ammunition to explode properly, and for the civilian women who use face powder for their makeup.


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