Swing Dance 1944

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From the movie: HOME IN INDIANA 1944
Actress Jeanne Crain dances with Charles Saggau and I’m not sure who June Haver’s partner is. I believe I also see Wally and “Mousie” Albright. I also see Jean Veloz very briefly at about the :34 mark at the far right.

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  1. The fashion is what men make it today u can still wear suit and fedora suspenders pleated pants It makes a man stand out in the crowd texans wear cowboy hats boots etc if u were born texan u dress texan

  2. For a college dance in Montana, they thought out of the box. Three mos before a 1940’s themed dance, bunches of students took lessons once a week. The dance was such an immense hit, Glenn Miller music, everyone was dressed UP, many like the 1940’s. Now this was a conservative engineering college, but it needs to happen everywhere!! Hands down, the dance was a hit.

  3. My mom and I went to a disco in the 70's. She ran into a highschool chum. Everyone cleared the floor to let these two youngsters do the jitterbug and swing. My mom was on her early 40's. Everyone clapped and she just beamed!


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