Swing Dance 1943 (Jean Veloz)

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From the movie: SWING FEVER 1943
One of the best west coast swing dancers ever Jean Phelps Veloz dances with Lennie Smith and Don Gallaher. Some of the best west coast “Hollywood” style swing dance you’ll ever see. The band is Kay Kyser’s and the singer is Marilyn Maxwell. I would also add that Jean just turned 90 and she’s still dancing. God love her.

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  1. Back then they had no clue until reality hit that generation as any. As any generation when they were young, beautiful or handsome, vigorous, comes invincibility. This was the WWII generation who were kids back then and had to fight a war and hundreds of thousands died or get wounded in all theatres. Many are very young just getting out of school or out of their communities in their early 20s just to be trained and die either getting to their first combat action or their final last depending. Honestly this has been repeatedly in history. "Old men's disputes becomes the young man's fight.". Don't believe me. Just wait when you get into combat when people are shooting at you and bullets and explosions can be very annoying and deadly. Nothing glorious if you survive or get wounded. If you win, it just means the other side has run out of ammo or got tired and lost more of their guys fighting you. Doesn't mean they will stop or killing you, the enemy i s their to kill you and you the same 24/7. No Bullshit!!!


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