Swing Dance 1943 (Genevieve Grazis)

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From the movie: THE GANGS ALL HERE 1943
At about the 2:10 mark there’s a great dance scene featuring Genevieve Grazis and Johnny Duncan leading off. Charles Saggau also dances with Deidre Gale. Ive included the entire number including Benny Goodman’s awful vocal. It’s a good thing he was such a great clarinet player.

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  1. I've always liked how this number was staged, starting with the very choreographed movement of the entire crowd sitting down in a wave for the camera to move up to the instruments – and how the band members intermingle with the dancers later. This was Busby Berkeley's work. Notice also how the uniforms of all branches of the military are carefully shown throughout, especially at 1:09 when there's one of each behind Benny Goodman on either side. I assume that at least some of these guys must've actually been in the military at the time, since how else would you get so many male extras in 1943?


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