Swing Dance 1943

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From the movie: THE GANGS ALL HERE 1943
Swing dancer Charles Saggau dances with “Lady Long Legs” Charlotte Greenwood. Charlotte apparently can’t resist doing her stiff high kick routine. Too bad.

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  1. Oh come on!  We couldn't expect her to do a real Lindy, this was her trademark, and I thought it was a kick.  Charles Saggau played along perfectly.  Such a fun clip.  Thanks for posting it.

  2. The only reason this number got included in this film at all was for Charlotte to go her well-known high kicks. Which she does, enjoyably.

  3. The "ammunition" she asks for at the end was a newspaper with an embarrassing photo of her disapproving husband, Edward Everett Horton, carrying on with Carmen Miranda in a New York nightclub.


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