Swing Dance 1942

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From the movie: MISS ANNIE ROONEY 1942
The dancers are actors Shirley Temple and Dickie Moore.

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  1. Actually, the dancers are not Shirley Temple and Dickie Moore. They are Shirley and Roland Dupree, the fabulous hoofer featured earlier in the film dancing with Peggy Ryan, then falling into his drum. (I first loved Roland as a scrappy child street dancer years earlier in "You Can't Take It With You", giving Jean Arthur and Jimmy Stewart dance lessons for a fee.) In Miss Annie Rooney, Dickie Moore's character is supposed to blossom from shy to shining when Shirley teaches him the moves. But Dickie Moore couldn't dance. So what did they do? They put on DICKIE MOORE MASK on Roland Dupree! In the long shots, it is Roland's dancing we see as he dons that mask, disguised as Dickie Moore's character!


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