Swing Dance 1940

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From the movie: CITY OF CONQUEST 1940
There’s a lot going on here mostly Shag and Lindy Hop. I’m not sure who the dancers are though I think one of the dancers in the second segment may be Don Gallaher.

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  1. I always wanted to learn this style of dance. It looks like it's free wheeling anything goes as long as you stay in the beat. My dad was in his late teens & 20's in the 40's he wouldn't learn to do it, said it looked like ( rasist remark here ) dancing. He & mom taught me polka, waltz & shotish when in my teens.

  2. I am only giving this video a thumbs down, because the thumb nail was a partial click bait implying that James Cagney was the one dancing. And Also because they cut it off just as he was about to dance!


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