Swing Dance 1940

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From the movie: MELODY AND MOONLIGHT 1940
I’ve included the entire scene but the best dancing is at the start for about 20 seconds, and then at 2:35 for about 10 seconds, and then from 2:55 to about 3:20 and finally from 4:45 to the end. The dancers include Ray Hirsch and Patti Lacey along with actors Johnny downs and Jane Frazee among others.

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  1. They paid a few dollar for 20 or more band members and could have space enough, to dance in bright dresses, had fun and a perfect time. Today one so called "star" earns several hundred thousand dollar per evening and millions in his live, as a few thousand people, squeezed together in a stadium, thinking it is great music and paying an unbelievable lifestyle with houses, flats, cars etc.
    This normally only people could afford, who really brought work to thousands of people. What a change into the wrong direction in our life.

  2. I remember my father, Will Rosenberg, of Newark, N.J. telling me that he won a dance contest in the 'peabody' dance contest. Fantastic footage from the movie and thank you Vintage Swing Dance. Iris Rosenberg-Cooper of Manassas, VA.

  3. The story somewhat reflects Johnny Downs's real situation. He had partnered Eleanore Whitney in several musicals, but she quit to marry a lawyer and left a vacancy. It was not to be Kay (Jane Frazee) or anyone else. Eventually Johnny the hoofer morphed into Johnny the kids' show host on early TV.


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