Sunken City Drone Adventure

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We were freaking out! Not only from trespassing but that platform had a 6 ft drop on one side and a 15 ft drop on the other, it doesn’t look nearly as dangerous in the video. I was seriously terrified behind that smile. Ronnie even had a nightmare about falling that night. *Not recommended!* Still there is nothing like taking out a new pair of Remix vintage shoes (such beautiful dual tone dance shoes) and the Venice Beach Dress from Loco Lindo on a full out adventure! —Video of history and trespassing on my IGTV channel

Vertical Vue did a awesome Job filming, check out his stuff I’m always so impressed with his work and his drone is awesome!

In 1929 a natural landslide caused several beachside homes in the Pt. Fermin area of San Pedro, CA, to slide into the ocean. The site was dubbed “Sunken City”.

Also, are you afraid of heights????

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