Rock & Roll Dance 1959 (The Madison)

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From the documentary: TWIST 1992
This is an example of one of the many dances that became popular in the 1950’s. Hank Ballard doesn’t seem to be very impressed by these two white dancers version of The Madison.

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  1. Black racism at it's finest. LOL, this nonsense that just because you don't move your hips "it ain't happinin;" is just bullshit. A lot of dancing is done without the hips. Too many times blacks rely on hips and ass movements as a substitute for real dancing talent (the most recent and most tasteless of these is "twerking"). Any sleazy fat ratchet hag can twerk –no talent in that move , considering we're all born with the natural ability to push our groins in an in-out motion when the call arises. There is something wrong when you have to rely on hip movements for every dance you do to get it "happenin'". The Nicholas Brothers (also black) didn't move there hips. The relied on their FEET! –they preferred classy steps, and a genuine class act they were.

  2. These dancers move just fine.  What Hank and others might not realize is that, in 1959, moving your hips in any loose fashion was considered almost obscene in any community of the day in the US. Notwithstanding teenagers, always being the rebels they are, would've cut loose much more whenever they were unsupervised but, in chaperoned parties, which were more the norm, the chaperones would see to it that the dancers didn't get wild.  For 1959, the dancers spotlighted here have good rhythm and finesse, two of the three hallmarks required to be a great dancer. The other hallmark is joy/passion for dancing.


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