Rock & Roll Dance 1957

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From the movie: UNTAMED YOUTH 1957
The dancers include: Freda Angela Wyckoff, Gil & Nikki Brady, Lou Southern, Lennie Smith, Johnny Duncan and a dance group called “The Hollywood Rock-N-Rollers.

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  1. I was in college back then, and the girls didn't wear "tights" under dresses (or not all of them anyway when they danced) . They wore their everyday street clothes and one girl we knew wore her white ones and they were covered with small black "handprints". She seemed to enjoy showing them off as she twirled to the rock and roll. I loved those days:-):-)

  2. This was okay on a movie set, performed by professional exhibition dancers where everyone knew when some guy was going to throw some girl up in the air or drag her between his kness. But we didn't do this kind of stuff at the local sockhop for fear someone would get kicked in the head or trip over some girl on the floor.


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