Rock & Roll Dance 1957

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From the TV show “Milt Grant’s Record Hop” 1957
This is from one of the many teenage dance TV shows of the 1950’s. This one was from Washington, DC. Some of these kids are pretty good.

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  1. My favorite tv show in that era and I used to go on there in 1960-61 when we wore our hair in the "bubble". which was new at that time. Sure missed this show when it went off the air.

  2. Yes these kids can dance. I would even say there better than Am. Bandstand dancers!There were 3 main dances in the 50s. the jitterbug for fast songs, the cha cha(Diana) and the slow dance.

  3. At 19 seconds in, I am the tall skinny guy dancing with the short girl in the black dress who just happens to be my sister. We won the dance contest that day on the show.

  4. I love watching the girl in the black skirt who won the dance contact. I wish that my girlfriend from the late 50's could dance half as good as she could dance, but then again, she had me for a dance partner! Thanks for the video!

  5. A segment from the only surviving episode of Milt Grant's Record Hop, Monday, May 27, 1957 from the Raleigh Hotel with the Northwood Jr./Sr. High Teen Aces:


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