Really Great Swing Dance 1944 (Genevieve Grazis, Jean Veloz, Irene Thomas)

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From the movie: WHERE ARE YOUR CHILDREN 1944
Some really great west coast swing dance by some of my favorite west coast dancers. First we have Genevieve Grazis & Johnny Duncan followed by Jean Veloz & Lennie Smith and finally Irene Thomas and I believe Bob Ashley. A slightly zonked Gale Storm takes it all in. I absolutely love this clip.

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  1. From IMDB, for those who are curious:
    STORYLINE: Judy Wilson (Gale Storm), feeling neglected because both of her parents are working in defense plants, meets and falls in love with Danny Chester (Jackie Cooper)who enlists in the Navy and is sent to San Diego for training. She accepts an invitation to go on a ride to San Diego with her friends Herb (Neyle Morrow), Opal (Evelyn Eaton)and Jerry (Jimmy Zahner) but doesn't know the car has been stolen. Along the way, Herb assaults a gas station attendant who later dies


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