Ragtime Dance 1913 (The Grizzly Bear)

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This is one of those informal “amimal” ragtime dances that preceded swing dance and to at least some extent set the stage for what was to come later.
The video is from a 1913 French film and the audio is from a 1910 piano roll. The song is George Botsford’s “The Grizzly Bear Rag” but I’m not sure if he actually did the piano roll.

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  1. In the day before bad hips and sore knees notice the dancers were very young. When it came to advancements in dance and entertainment France was always in the lead since the time of Louis XIV.

  2. Sorry but your explanation is wrong this did not precede swing dance. God I don't know what this is..it just foolishness nothing more. Why do you post these dances that aren't related to swing dance?


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