Nils and Bianca 2018

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HEY BABY – Nils and Bianca

Our demo at Rock That Swing 2018 🙂 A happy memory of ours! Dancing to Hey Baby by Bruce Channel 🥳 📣Learn the dance on: Dance at home with Nils […]

SEOUL – Nils and Bianca

Back in 2018 when we felt very jet lag in Seoul, hope you enjoy! It was fun to dance 🥳 Song: “You better stop” by The Original Jubalaires We truly […]

SWIM OUT – Nils and Bianca improv

Fun Memory from Swim Out costa Brava ( 😍 We loved just playing around together with the band Professor Cunningham & His Old School. The video is by Within the […]

CHAMPIONS CUP BATTLE – Nils and Bianca (Round 1)

This is the round 1 from the Champions Cup Battle at the Savoy Cup (! Big shout out to Anna and Jonatan whom we shared the dance floor with🔥! We […]

CASTLE ROCK – Nils and Bianca Improvisation

This was a very “spontaneous – last minute – late night” performance we did at Big Mama Swing in Madrid a couple of years ago. Also love this tune, Castle […]

Nils & Bianca – Boogie Woogie – MLF 2018

Boogie Woogie anyone? Or maybe some Lindy Hop? Which do you prefer from us? We (Nils and Bianca) love to dance and we love to hear from you. Hoping this […]