Nils and Bianca “any space is good for dancing”

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Any space is good for dancing! Throwback to beautiful Tuscany☀️

Music: “Chew Chew Chew Chew (Your Bubble Gum)” by Ella Fitzgerald, Chick Webb Orchestra

Learn swing dancing on:…


Thank you everybody for following us and being so sweet to us! 🙂

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  1. Не оставляет ощущение что эти двое кайфуют от того чем занимаются, причём с огромным чувством юмора. Обожаю этих ребят.

  2. This made me smile so much!! In these days of the covid we only have rare occasional outdoor music shows in a converted parking lot or whatever. To keep movement possible I take giant pieces of cardboard to the show to have a dance surface. Not too different from your solution in the park 🙂


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