Manchester Vintage Schoolhouse (Trespassing)

Posted by Dance

I love #HistoricLocations. When we first came across this beauty, we thought it was a #mansion. I fell in love. It was my favorite find & best #Trespassing experience yet. I was so excited… I forgot to change my shoes & shorts but luckily this @LocoLindoLA dress can handle it.  

What I found out later after some research at home is that this is actually an #schoolhouse built in 1907. A short lived population was created in order to rebuild #SanFancisco after the 1906 #Earthquake and #Fire. The #Manchester Schoolhouse was built to #educate the children of the millworkers. This school is the only building remaining from this era. National Register #79000499.

Music from The Lost Fingers (thanks for letting me use my fav song) “Tom’s Diner”

I for-sure think this counts as a forbidden dance location.

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