Lindy Focus XVIII: Dec 28th Duke Ellington Tribute 2019

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  1. In gratitude for the posting of this fabulous music I have indexed it. Click on each time to go to its position.

    19:42 East St. Louis Tootle-Oo (partial) under Bobby White Introduction

    20:31 Things Ain’t What They Used To Be by Mercer Ellington

    24:01 Jack the Bear featuring Jen Hodge on bass

    28:46 Blue Cellophane featuring Lucian Cobb on trombone

    32:33 When my Sugar Walks Down the Street transcribed by Keenan McKenzie funded by Adam Hitchcock vocal by Laura Windley

    36:29 Stompy Jones

    41:23 I’ve Got it Bad and That Ain’t Good vocal by Laura Windley

    45:33 So Far So Good funded by Donna Williams vocal by Laura Windley

    49:45 Jumpin’ Pumpkins by Mercer Ellington

    54:03 The Gal from Joe’s transcribed by Dan Barrett featuring Jacob Zimmerman on alto sax

    58:28 Mainstem

    1:32:45 East St. Louis Tootle-Oo (partial) under Bobby White Introduction

    1:33:17 Take the A-Train by Billy Strayhorn

    1:36:43 The Blue Ramble

    1:40:47 Blee Blip vocal by Jim Zeigler

    1:44:52 Bojangles

    1:48:59 Don’t Mean a Thing if It Ain’t Got That Swing vocal by Laura Windley

    1:53:16 The Mooch, vocalization by Laura Windley, guitar solo original played by Lonnie Johnson rendered by Jonathon Stout

    1:59:05 Otto Make That Riff Staccato vocal by Laura Windley, transcribed by Keenan McKenzie

    2:02:46 Harmony in Harlem (1937)

    2:07:49 Jump for Joy vocal by Laura Windley

    2:13:17 Cottontail

    2:34:22 East St. Louis Tootle-Oo (partial) under Bobby White Introduction

    2:39:01 Feetbone

    2:44:00 St. Louis Blues

    2:47:33 Old King Dooji

    2:51:10 Rocks in My Bed vocal by Laura Windley

    2:55:22 Perdido by Juan Tizol

    2:59:40 The Chocolate Shake vocal by Laura Windley

    3:03:24 The C-Jam Blues

    3:08:25 Rockin’ in Rhythm, 1950’s version with interpolation of Kind of Dukeish

    3:15:37 Jeep’s Blues by Johnny Hodges featuring Jacob Zimmerman on alto saxophone


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