Lindy Focus XVI: New Years Eve

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  1. Set 1 (no audio during introduction and beginning of first song)
    The Flash (Harry James) 4:55
    St. Louis Blues (Benny Goodman) 10:22
    The Bolero at the Savoy (Count Basie) 17:29
    Harvard Blues (Count Basie, Jimmie Rushing) 21:57
    Royal Flush (Count Basie) 27:22
    Truckin' 32:40
    You Turn The Tables On Me 36:49
    Sent For You Yesterday, And Here You Come Today (Count Basie) 40:36
    Sing Me a Swing Song And Let Me Dance (Benny Goodman) 44:48
    Jamaica Jam (Teddy Powell) 49:20

  2. Set 3
    Auld Lang Syne 2:31:04
    Introduction 2:32:20
    Stardust (Benny Goodman, Charlie Christian) 2:39:10
    Dress Hop (Gene Krupa) 2:44:02
    Blue Skies (Fletcher Henderson) 2:48:14
    720 in the Books (Jan Savitt) 2:52:34
    All the Cats Join In 2:57:31
    Honeysuckle Rose (Benny Goodman) 3:04:54
    Good Morning Blues (Count Basie, Jimmie Rushing) 3:09:19
    Lindy Focus (Massachusetts) 3:17:05
    Good Night My Love (Benny Goodman) 3:21:34
    The All-Star Jump (Metronome All-Stars) 3:27:16
    Flying Home (Lionel Hampton) 3:54:12
    Sing, Sing, Sing (Benny Goodman) 4:07:01 (Encore)
    Sing, Sing Sing Part 2 (Benny Goodman) 4:12:28 (Encore 2)


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