Lindy Focus XV: Chick Webb Live Stream

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Swing dancers and vintage music enthusiasts from all over the planet contributed over $20000 this summer to fund a massive historical music project: to …

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  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to all of the sponsors and the performers. To top it all, my friends and I were there to witness and dance to this amazing band and music. I need lindy focus in my life from here on out. Thank you lindy focus

  2. For all the music/data nerds out there…

    0:08:13-Who Ya Hunchin'/David & Chelsea Bromstad Lee
    0:11:45-By Heck/Matt Tough
    0:15:46-Blue Lou/Bret Martin
    0:19:50-The Dipsy Doodle/Swing Dance Nashville
    0:24:39-(Jonathan Stout learns us some Chick/Ella history)
    0:25:58-Sugar Foot Stomp/Shana Worel & Jason Swihart (skip at 27:13)
    0:28:47-Rock It for Me/Robert Patch (missed intro, skip at 30:16)
    0:31:40-Strictly Jive/Josh Sarkar (skip at 34:11)
    0:35:59-You're Gonna Lose Your Gal/All Campaign Contributors
    0:41:35-Billy/RVA Swing and the dancers of Richmond, Va
    0:48:56-Don't Be That Way/Roffaswing Netherlands
    0:51:58-DJ Break/(Wham! Re-Bop-Boom-Bam – Jimmie Lunceford)
    0:54:56-Break / tap performance/( ) ( )
    1:03:57-DJ Break/(Flat Foot Floogie – Benny Goodman)
    1:10:05-Go Harlem/Gary Chyi
    1:13:48-Blue Minor/Kadie & Joe Pangburn & Thursday Night Swing
    1:18:10-Tain't What You Do/Houston Swing Dance Society
    1:22:50-Swing Me A Swing Song/Keith Moore
    1:26:33-Everybody Rock/July Belber & Stan Yen of Boston Balboa
    1:32:10-Stompin' at the Savoy/Steve Wilcox
    1:37:00-Take It From the Top/Justin West
    1:41:00-A-Tisket, A Tasket/Longview Swing Dance Association
    1:45:30-Breakin' 'Em Down/Swing Columbus
    1:51:10-When I Get Low, I Get High/Dallas Swing Dance Society
    1:54:50-(Jonathan Stout makes us cry)
    1:58:28-Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie/Mike & Mary Richardson & Hepcats Swing Dance Club (1:59:00 jam circle)
    2:05:00-Break / Dorry & Nathan performance/( )
    2:09:35-Break / Ksenia performance/( )
    2:14:27-DJ Break /(Dunkin' A Doughnut – Andy Kirk)
    2:20:12-Let's Get Together/Mike Thibault & Groove Juice Swing
    2:24:00-Little White Lies/8bit Ballers
    2:27:30-Betcha Nickel/Ken Heil
    2:31:30-In the Groove at the Grove/Chris Ronderos
    2:35:25-Sing You Sinners/Mike & Mary Richardson & Hepcats Swing Dance Club
    2:40:20-Sugar Blues/Qui Nguyen
    2:44:20-Spinnin' the Webb/Sommer Gentry & Dorry Segev
    2:48:30-Everybody Step/Brad Nathanson
    2:53:25-Undecided/St. Louis Jitterbugs
    3:02:10-Harlem Congo/Swingin' Denver
    3:08:50-Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away)/Lindy Focus (3:02:36 jam circle)
    3:12:15-(Jonathan Stout drops some knowledge)
    3:14:58-Lindyhopper's Delight/Lian Tarhay


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