Lindy Focus XII: Pick-Up Line Contest

Posted by Dance As seen at Lindy Focus XII! Lindy Focus takes place in Asheville, NC, December 26th – January 1st.

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  1. In case anyone was wondering, there was a second part to my Dr Who line.  Actually, there were a million ways I could've followed it up.  (Mind blanked because, you know, 1200 people watching),  The original one planned was "Would you like to dance with him" implying that the bowtie was because I was the doctor, but since then I've had a few awesome ones, some by me, some by friends;

    "Captain Jack Harkness taught me everything he knows"
    "I haven't been sure if I could blink since I saw you" (Kinda awkward, glad I didn't use it, but it's fun I think since it implies she's a (weeping) angel)
    And my personal favorite that I wish I used – "Well you've stolen my heart," … "and you've stolen the other one"

  2. The guys kept touching niki and jo, what on earth gave them the idea that they were supposed to touch anybody. it was a pickup line contest; flirting with "strangers" doesn't usually entail touch… at least I didn't think it did.


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