Lindy Focus XII: 30 Second Lindy Hop Showcase

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As seen at Lindy Focus XII! Lindy Focus takes place in Asheville, NC, December 26th – January 1st. Winners: 1 – Ryan Calloway & Ann …

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  1. Music:
    Couple 1 (Oliver and Kaelin): "Shout And Feel It" – James Horner from Swing Kids Soundtrack
    Couple 2 (Katherine and Guillaume): "Avenue C" – Count Basie
    Couple 3 (Jon and Cristina): "San Francisco" – The Mowgli's
    Couple 4 (Shawn and Bron): N/A
    Couple 5 (Kelly and Carl): "Royal Garden Blues" – Artist N/A
    Couple 6 (Rebecca and Scott): "Traffic Jam" – Artie Shaw
    Couple 7 (Morgan and Morgan): N/A
    Couple 8 (Ann and Ryan): "Viper Mad" – The Rhythm Junkies
    Couple 9 (Jesse and Doriel): "Dippermouth Blues" – Artist N/A
    Couple 10 (Dan and Lainey): "Hittin' Twelve" – Count Basie


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