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Level 7 Lesson 5 – Leading Jazz Steps Part 5
If you have good total body movement as an individual, you can lead and follow easily within those movements. For Lindy Hop, that includes vintage jazz steps. In this lesson, let’s dive into more intricate jazz steps that you can easily lead and follow once you’ve gained the proper amount of control within your own body!

0:08 – Crossovers section
0:19 – Crossovers footwork
0:31 – Several ways to do the arms
1:34 – Crossovers In Open first type of solo movement
2:11 – Crossovers in Open second type of solo movement (change the arms)
2:15 – With tension:
2:37 – get the follow the kick/hold position, then can push it to cross over the other foot
3:14 – Challenge: Could add a freeze on the kick because of the tension approach
2:47 – Without tension = charleston (can do groove walks/no kick required)
3:30 – Crossovers in SBS same leg
3:59 – Crossovers in SBS opposite legs
4:15 – Crossovers in cross-hand
4:52 – Challenge: Do Crossovers in Open without the rock steps in between each one
5:15 – Challange: Add a pause on the kick when you apply the tension
20:20 – Challenge: Crossovers in Tandem Charleston
5:22 – Suzie Qs Section
5:36 – Complete release & contraction
A) From Crossovers
5:47 – Suzie Qs in Open from Crossovers
6:11 – Suzie Qs in SBS from Crossovers (same foot)
B) In a Lindy Circle
7:08 – Lindy Circles using Suzie Qs Section
7:28 – Alternate footwork (Dean Collins)
8:17 – Lindy Circle kick 6, leads alt footwork (preferred counts because allows the follow to do on more “normal” footwork)
8:59 – Lindy Circle kick 5, follows alt footwork (more awkward for follows)
C) “Jump Suzies”
9:11 – “Jump Suzies” solo movement
class notes:
11:13 – “Jump Suzies” in Open
11:27 – “Jump Suzies” in SBS
11:33 – Hitches/Slip Slops Section
11:46 – Hitches solo movement
12:36 – Slip Slops solo movement
A) Hitches or Slip Slops as a single move
13:35 – Slip Slops in Open
13:45 – Hitches in SBS-Open (holding hands)
14:03 – Hitches in SBS
14:08 – Slip Slops in Closed
B) Crossovers with Hitch
14:20 – Crossovers with Hitch solo movement
14:49 – Crossovers with Hitch in SBS, same foot
15:11 – Crossovers with Hitch in SBS, opposite foot
C) Eagle Slide (uses a Hitch)
15:30 – Eagle Slide footwork
15:48 – Eagle Slide various ways to do the arms
16:15 – Eagle Slide in SBS-Open (holding hands)
16:25 – Eagle Slide in SBS
16:30 – Lock Turn Section
16:37 – Lock Turn solo movement
A) Lock Turn from Crossovers
17:58 – Crossovers into Lock Turn solo movement
18:39 – Crossovers into Lock Turn from Cross-Hand (L side)
18:58 – Crossovers into Lock Turn from Cross-Hand (R side)
19:29 – Crossovers into Lock Turn from Open
19:41 – Crossovers into Lock Turn from SBS (same foot, L side)
19:50 – Crossovers into Lock Turn from SBS (same foot, R side)
19:57 – Crossovers into Lock Turn from SBS (opposite foot, outside leg)
20:05 – Crossovers into Lock Turn from SBS (opposite foot, inside leg)
20:30 – Challenge: Crossovers into Lock Turn from Tandem Charleston
B) Lock Turn as a single move
20:59 – Lock Turn from SBS (outside leg – from Charleston)
21:22 – Lock Turn from Cross-Hand (from Pancake Charleston)

Special thanks to Michael Kossyrev and Kayli Westergard

Taught by Award Winning Instructor – Shauna Marble

Lindy Ladder – Free Online Lindy Hop Lessons and Curriculum

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