Learn to Swing Dance Lindy Hop | Level 7 Lesson 2 (Leading Jazz Steps Part 2) Shauna Marble

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If you have good total body movement as an individual, you can lead and follow easily within those movements. Within Lindy Hop, that includes vintage jazz steps. In this lesson, let’s learn some exercises to really refine your movement, and then more intricate jazz steps that you can easily lead and follow once you’ve gained the proper amount of control within your own body!

Each jazz move is taught as a partnered move by demonstrating:
1st – how to execute the solo move alone
2nd – how to prep the move in partner dancing
3rd – where and how to lead/follow it within your social dancing
0:36 – Rock Steps
1:09 – Repeating Rock Steps
3:02 – Repeating Kicks
5:10 – Fall-Off-The-Log
7:12 – Pushes
9:57 – Shorty George
12:56 – Boogie Forward

Taught by Award Winning Instructor – Shauna Marble

Lindy Ladder – Free Online Lindy Hop Lessons and Curriculum

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