Learn to Swing Dance Lindy Hop | Level 6 Lesson 9 (Performance Swing-Outs) | Shauna Marble

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Everyone loves a good Swing-Out. These are great for showing off on the dance floor, and for performance choreography.

Variations on the Swing-Out In This Lesson:

1. Leader’s Stylization Rock-Step-Hop-Step
-On 3-4
-On &3
-On &4

2. Follower’s Stylization Replace Ballchange 7&8

3. Leader’s Stylization Rock-Step Hold
4. Follower’s Stylization Rock-Step Hold
5. Rock-Step Hold as a led/followed variation

6. Walk-Out Swing-Out

7. Rotational Swing-Outs
-1-2 Step-Cross
-5 Step Sideways
-6 Stay in Closed longer
-7&8 Traveling Triple Step

Taught by Award Winning Instructors – Mark Godwin and Shauna Marble

Lindy Ladder – Free Online Lindy Hop Lessons and Curriculum

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