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Practice the important next step after Stretching: Release. Now you’re getting accustomed to Stretching Away from your partner, let’s make sure a Release is also happening in the right places. After a Stretch, the muscles used to create the Stretch need to relax, since they are no longer needed. Start applying this each time you Stretch in moves from Levels 1-3. Many dancers keep using the muscles they used to Stretch, even after the Stretch is complete, even when they are no longer needed. This is a good time to start focusing on Release as a regular part of Stretching. Similarly, each time a Turn is initiated, certain muscles are used to “Stretch” through the Turn. Follows often hold this muscular feeling when the Turn has ended, rather than Releasing it. Practice getting in and out of Turns with the proper Release. The best method to practice Release is to breathe out at the moment you should Release. This helps to train the muscles to let go as they no longer need to continue working so hard.

Moves In This Lesson:
– Stretch and Release (Stretching Away)
– Turn and Release (Stretching through a Turn)
– Level 4 Lesson 4 Pattern 1
– Level 4 Lesson 4 Pattern 2

The use of pronouns “he” and “she” across Lindy Ladder are used in a context of lead and follow, respectively, and not an inference of human gender. Lindy Ladder is a proud supporter of LGBQT rights, and most of our dancers learn both roles in the dance. Remove gender bias from the interpretation, and simply focus on the role you play in the vocabulary. Enjoy dancing!

The Lindy Hop is taught in many ways, because it’s what is commonly referred to as a “street dance.” When it was created, there was no curriculum, or set way of doing anything really. Frankie Manning himself once commented “what’s a triple step?” after being asked about the “basic step.” Lindy Hop has been around in this generation longer than it was after its initial inception and subsequent obscurity. This dance now grows, learns from itself, changes itself. As instructors we always want to stay true to its roots, dancers will find that there are many ways instructors go about teaching how to do this historical dance. Here is one that has worked for many thousands of dancers, and we recommend as a student that you learn from as many others as you can to get the full “street dance” influence, and join the conversation!

Taught by Award Winning Instructor – Shauna Marble
Lindy Hopping since 1995, for many years with Frankie Manning himself!

Lindy Ladder – Free Online Lindy Hop Lessons and Curriculum

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