Great Swing Dance 1944 (Better Picture Quality)

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From the short: GROOIE MOVIE 1944
This is probably the best picture quality we’ll ever get for this classic swing dance short. This is from a studio released DVD collection of Pete Smith shorts. It is a shame that so much time is wasted on Pete Smith’s rather lame attempts at comedy. The dancers are of coarse Gene Veloz and Arthur Walsh joined at the end by Lenny and Kay Smith and also Irene Thomas and Charles Saggau. Brilliant.

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  1. Hi Bill!
    Loving your channel and those moves from the early decades! Thanks so much for putting this here! 🙂
    I have a question for you: i want to make some montage using some of the footgate you have on different videos. Could i just use it? My understanding is that, because these are old clips, they dont have copyright nomore but please correct me if i am wrong (i also noticed some of your clip have this MIRC@SCEDU stamp, which i am not sure what it means).


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