Great Swing Dance 1940 (Jewel McGowan)

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From the movie: MELODY AND MOONLIGHT 1940
Some great west coast Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag and God knows what else. The dancers include couple four Jewel McGowan with a partner I don’t recognize, couple two Ray Hirsh and Patti Lacey doing some Collegiate Shag and couple three actors Johnny Downs and Jane Frazee among others. This is some really great stuff.

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  1. Great clip. Has moves more associated with LA Swing than with strict Hollywood Lindy — a "skip" in hitting 1, a backward thrust of the head, and especially the inside turn after 7/8 going into 1. It's interesting that Dean Collins seems to have eliminated these from his repertoire. Also, this is just early enough that we see a more exaggerated "arm pump" during the switches. Who are the very blonde gal and athletic partner that we see in several clips from that era?

  2. So who won the contest?? (I assume the two stars, but you can never be sure about what direction the plot might take…)

    The song they're dancing to is "Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You", which was used in both versions of "Pennies from Heaven"; the original British TV series and the later Hollywood film. I really liked how the couples at the start were all released through an automatic gate while the band played the horse-race theme song.


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