Demo of Boogie Woogie Advanced Course with Sondre and Tanya

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Learn Swing Dancing Online with Sondre & Tanya here:

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  1. Here you dance in a Jive-Style (like traditional ballroom-dance). There were many well-known moves like Flirt, Circle, Swing Out, Change Place, Sugar Push, American Spin Turn, Ladys & Man Spin Turn, etc. I like to watch your performance pretty much because your dance in such an elegant way 🙂

    The music was Fats dominos “sheik of araby” in the later version of 1958.

  2. You guys are so much fun to watch! I wish I could dance like that again. I used to be able to but can never find a partner that could. I never took dance lessons except when I was six tap and ballet for a half a year. Then when I was 10 I used to go to dance school with my friends while she took lessons I would sit and watch. The next thing I knew the teacher was coming over to me and asked me if I wanted to get up and dance because she's been watching me do the steps why I was sitting! I was so shy that I told her no but I wish I had got up. Anyway Keep on Dancing as long as you can. Great dancers!


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