Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan 1954

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From the movie: LIVING IT UP 1954
This was unfortunately the last appearance of Dean Collins and Jewel McGowan on film. They can be seen at the :43 mark between and slightly in back of Lou Southern and Sheree North. Sadly Jewel would pass away just eight years after this in 1962 at the age 40 or 41 probably of cancer. The other dancers include Lou Southern, “Lolly’ Wise, Lennie Smith & Sheila O’Hare, Jack Carey & Loraine Edwards, Freda Angela Wyckoff & Danny Donahoe, Roy Damron and of course Jerry Lewis & Sheree North.

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  1. Jewel McGowan and Dean are the couple in the lime green in the middle of the pack. Actually the lime green and brown clothes. They probably have to be the oldest of the pack since they have been around since 40-41. This movie was in 1954.


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