Crazy & Wild Dance Performance by Sondre & Tanya

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Learn Swing Dancing Online with Sondre & Tanya here:

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  1. When I first stumbled over to these "swing dance clips," this is the first clip I saw. Sondre and Tanya killed it, and blew me away with their energy, playfulness, athleticism, and huge portions of incredible talent and skill! My goodness, they are entertaining. Since then, I've seen, I think, every clip these two marvelous performers have posted. They also led me to watch, and become a fan of, several other major dance talents. Thank you, Sondre and Tanya. Sondre, I would loved to buy you a beer, or coffee. And Tanya, I want to take you to the spring Prom! Ha! Teasing! Again, big thx! And generous kudos to both of you!

  2. Of all the dance teachers shown on Utube RTSF’S Sondre and Tanya are my favorites. The choreograph of the dances, skill level and the pure radiance of joy they project is fabulous to watch. They are a great couple to watch!


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