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MOVE ft. Nils and Bianca

One of our best memories from Seoul, South Korea! This group (Move) invited us to join their performance and we had a blast!🌸 Check out their full routine here: […]

FLIP FLOP AND FLY – Nils and Bianca

A memory from a World Cup in Stuttgart 🙂 Hope you enjoy!! Dancing to Flip Flop and Fly! Full video on Learn To Boogie channel 🙂 📣Facebook:​​ 📣Website:​​​ […]

SAIL ATTIC SWING – Nils and Bianca

A memory from July 2019 when we were in Finland at a cozy event called Sail Attic Swing 🙂 Dancing to Thing Ain’t What They Used To Be by Gugge […]

CLASS – Nils and Bianca

A memory from a class at Smokey Feet in Amsterdam! 🌸 Dancing to “A Smo-o-o-oth One” by Benny Goodman and Charlie Christian 🙂 📣Learn the dance on: Dance at home […]

Boogie Woogie contest – Nils and Bianca

The time we got a red card because Nils suddenly jumped on the stage!! 😅😱 Dancing to “Snatch and Grab it” by Dana Gillespie in Trondheim, Norway 2019. 📣Learn the […]

HEY BABY – Nils and Bianca

Our demo at Rock That Swing 2018 🙂 A happy memory of ours! Dancing to Hey Baby by Bruce Channel 🥳 📣Learn the dance on: Dance at home with Nils […]

Boogie Woogie practice – Nils and Bianca

This video is from a practice with the national team! Miss practicing with our friends, hopefully we will be doing that soon again!🥰 📣Learn the dance on: Dance at home […]

Bobby’s loving touch – Nils and Bianca

Another one from Seoul, South Korea 🙂 This time we performed to Bobby’s loving touch by Susan Singer. We absolutely love the audience in Korea, they’re the best! ❤️ Hope […]

SEOUL – Nils and Bianca

Back in 2018 when we felt very jet lag in Seoul, hope you enjoy! It was fun to dance 🥳 Song: “You better stop” by The Original Jubalaires We truly […]

BOOGIE WOOGIE – Nils and Bianca

A memory from a cozy Swedish competition (Arlabuggen)! Looking forward to be competing again! ❤️ We truly hope you enjoy!❤️ 📣Learn swing dancing on: Dance at home with Nils & […]

JATS – Nils and Bianca improv to Peter Long’s Pocket Basie

A great memory from 2019. We had the best time in Brighton dancing to Peter Long’s Pocket Basie amazing music! We truly hope you enjoy!❤️ 📣Learn swing dancing on: Dance […]

SWIM OUT – Nils and Bianca improv

Fun Memory from Swim Out costa Brava ( 😍 We loved just playing around together with the band Professor Cunningham & His Old School. The video is by Within the […]

CHAMPIONS CUP BATTLE – Nils and Bianca (Round 1)

This is the round 1 from the Champions Cup Battle at the Savoy Cup (! Big shout out to Anna and Jonatan whom we shared the dance floor with🔥! We […]

BOOGIE WOOGIE European Championship – Nils and Bianca

A little memory from the European Championship in 2019, looking forward to be on the competition floor again!❤️ Video by Marc Dulib’s 🎦 📣Learn swing dancing on: Dance at home […]

HAPPY MONDAY! 🎅🧑‍🎄 – Nils and Bianca

Dancing to Jamaica Jam by Teddy Powell 🙂 📣Learn swing dancing on: Dance at home with Nils & Bianca 📣Facebook: 📣Website: 📣Instagram: It’s been and still is very […]

ILHC 2020 – Invitational Classic Lindy Hop – Nils and Felix

Watch two good friends having fun 🤩 Felix is one of our best friends, an amazing dancer, person and instructor. Find his classes on: Felix Facebook: Felix […]

PRACTICE – Nils and Bianca

A little practice session! Dancing to Big Fat Mama by Roy Milton! If you liked the video consider subscribing to our channel so that you don’t miss new videos! Thank […]

CASTLE ROCK – Nils and Bianca Improvisation

This was a very “spontaneous – last minute – late night” performance we did at Big Mama Swing in Madrid a couple of years ago. Also love this tune, Castle […]


Piano Boogie Woogie! A competition in Norway one year ago! 📣Learn swing dancing on: Dance at home with Nils & Bianca 📣Facebook: 📣Website: 📣Instagram: It’s been and still […]

HAPPY MONDAY DANCE! – Nils and Bianca practice session

Happy Monday everybody!🍁🍂 This is a video from a random practice of ours, we love to play around to great tunes! Dancing to Teenage Kiss by Arbee Stidham 🙂 📣Learn […]

FIRST STOPS ROUTINE – Camp Hollywood 2020 – Nils and Bianca

Hey everybody! ❤️ Here you have a classic Lindy Hop routine, the First Stops! We did this class for Camp Hollywood 2020. Have fun! 🙂 If you liked this class […]


Our showcase at the virtual Camp Hollywood this year! Watch the event on: The tune we are dancing to is Bugle Call Rag by the International Sweethearts of Rhythm […]


This is a little special video we made to thank you all for having subscribed to our channel. We are very grateful and motivated to keep posting ❤️ We love […]

Nils and Bianca piano Boogie Woogie

Memory from the semifinal in the World Championship in Marseille 2017. video by the Marius Mutin, find his channel here: It’s been and still is very hard times for […]


This is a little routine that we danced to the song Dance Annette by Annette Funicello. You can learn it and get a 50% DISCOUNT on (discount is available […]

Nils and Bianca ILHC 2019 Invitational Strictly

A little memory from ILHC 2019 🙂 Learn swing dancing on: Dance at home with Nils & Bianca Facebook: Website: Instagram: Event webpage: Dancing to The Jonathan […]

Nils and Bianca Rhythm Relief show

This is the little thing we put together for Rhythm Relief: The Swingtacular Show! It has been a pleasure to be a part of a such important project that will […]

HAPPY MONDAY DANCE! ☀️ Nils and Bianca

HAPPY MONDAY DANCE! ☀️ We love to dance to this tune! It is called Sugar Pie and it is played by Chick Webb and his Orchestra and the amazing voice […]

MINI LESSON from Nils and Bianca!

This is a little video we did in collaboration with the swedish dance federation Svenska Danssportförbundet and that’s why we speak in Swedish 📣🇸🇪.  It’s been and still is very […]


Dancing on Mint Julep Jazz Band music: It’s been and still is very hard times for artists and performers during covid19. We would be very grateful if you considered […]

Nils and Bianca Camp Hollywood 2019

Happy World Dance Day! This is a memory from Camp Hollywood 2019! Check out the full video: It’s been and still is very hard times for artists and performers […]

Nils and Bianca Stuttgart 2019

This is a nice memory from a competition in Stuttgart last summer 🙂 We hope to be on the competition floor again soon! Video by Tutu Boogie: It’s been […]

Boogie Woogie by the river Nils and Bianca

We found this nice spot just around the corner of the dance studio where we practice💚. The tune we are dancing to is Mead “Lux” Lewis’ “Meade’S Blues” 1944. Boogie […]

Nils and Bianca RTSF 2020

This is our number from Rock that Swing 2020 to Let’ m Roll by Alan Freed. We truly hope you enjoy! Thank you for watching! ❤️ Filming: Kersten Hüttner […]

Nils and Bianca Tokyo

This is a nice memory from Tokyo last year 🙂 Filmed by Garnet Mae and Orlando Hiraishi Mae from the Sydney Swin Katz, edited by Raph Dae. For online classes […]

Nils and Bianca Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop showcase at Barswingona 2019 in Barcelona! Music: Waddin’ at the Waldorf by Tommy Dorsey Learn swing dancing on:… Facebook: Website: Instagram: Thank you everybody […]

Nils and Bianca “any space is good for dancing”

Any space is good for dancing! Throwback to beautiful Tuscany☀️ Music: “Chew Chew Chew Chew (Your Bubble Gum)” by Ella Fitzgerald, Chick Webb Orchestra Learn swing dancing on:… Facebook: […]

Bianca & Nils – Down by the riverside – Bilbao 2020

Swing dancing is so much fun! Enjoy this social demo of us (Nils and Bianca) swing dancing to the Enric Peidro Swingtet! They are such a great band and we […]

Nils Andrén & Bianca Locatelli – Social Dance – ESF2017

We love moments like this one at Elba Swing Festival 2017 where we can enjoy an musical dance with one another and all of you! Swing dancing and social dancing […]

Nils and Bianca – Swing Dancing Battle at ILHC 2019 – NORMAlizer Finals

This is a video cut to just have our battles (Nils and Bianca) but please go to the original video here: to see the rest of the amazing battles […]

2019 ILHC – Nils and Bianca Showcase Throwdown Finals

We hope you enjoy this clip of us dancing Lindy Hop from the The International Lindy Hop Championships 2019 (ILHC) of us (Nils and Bianca)! To watch the all of […]

Nils & Bianca – Boogie Woogie – MLF 2018

Boogie Woogie anyone? Or maybe some Lindy Hop? Which do you prefer from us? We (Nils and Bianca) love to dance and we love to hear from you. Hoping this […]

Nils & Bianca – social dance 2019 with The Hot Swing Sextet

We really appreciate Black Valentine Weekend 2019 having us come out! Here is a fun social dance demo we did at the weekend to The Hot Swing Sextet. We (Nils […]

Stay – Nils & Bianca 2019 – RTSF 2019

Here we are (Nils & Bianca) rocking out to “Stay Just A Little Bit Longer” by Maurice Williams and The Zodiacs. We love Classic Rock and Roll. Rock That Swing […]

Nils and Bianca Swing Dancing – Social Demo 2019

We had so much fun dancing this weekend at Kiss Kiss Swing! This is a Social Demo of us dancing! Video credit: Gérard Fleck Follow our Nils and Bianca Facebook […]