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Living that Vintage Life – Warbird 1940

Loving and living vintage! Vintage clothes, vintage dancing, and vintage aircraft’s! This 1940’s plane never actually saw war but I think we can still call it a Warbird. This Seversky P-35 is from the Planes of Fame in Chino, California. We are all dressed in 1940’s vintage, dancing the 1940’s Collegiate Shag Swing Dance style […]

Live.Collegiate.Shag – Kendall & Ronnie

Compilation Video of our Live.Collegiate.Shag Instagram Videos. This video includes little clips from our normal Monday posts. For those who don’t know, Collegiate Shag is a high-energy swing dance that started in the 1920s and became incredibly popularity in the late 1930s. It was common among a large spectrum of American youth, not just the […]

Lindy Hop in Switzerland – Louis Prima “Robin Hood”

A little Lindy Hop in Switzerland for your enjoyment from your Collegiate Shag couple @live.collegiate.shag – we couldn’t help but play around on this very knobby hill!!!! We danced the full song but I fell over 4 times so… this ground just didn’t want to be swing danced on! However, we swing dance everywhere 😛 […]

Sunken City Drone Adventure

We were freaking out! Not only from trespassing but that platform had a 6 ft drop on one side and a 15 ft drop on the other, it doesn’t look nearly as dangerous in the video. I was seriously terrified behind that smile. Ronnie even had a nightmare about falling that night. *Not recommended!* Still […]

Summer Stock Dress – Collegiate Shag Dancing

1880 Knipp and Stengel Ranch Barn – Historic location in Sea Ranch, CA – I feel in love with the movie Summer Stock and I loved the dance scene in the barn with Jane (Judy Garland) and Joe (Gene Kelly). We’ve recreated their outfits with the help of Instagrams @SomeLikeitCustom making my dress. Of course, […]

Golden Gate Bridge Collegiate Shag Dancing

There is history all around us (Vintage Golden Gate Bridge photos at the end of video). We had a great time dancing Collegiate Shag in front of this iconic bridge in San Francisco. . . #DidYouKnow the bridge’s two main cables are each 7659 feet long, over three feet in diameter, and contain 27,572 parallel […]

Manchester Vintage Schoolhouse (Trespassing)

I love #HistoricLocations. When we first came across this beauty, we thought it was a #mansion. I fell in love. It was my favorite find & best #Trespassing experience yet. I was so excited… I forgot to change my shoes & shorts but luckily this @LocoLindoLA dress can handle it.   What I found out later […]

Shag at Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round

I wasn’t going to post till next Monday because I’m trying to not let #CollegiateShag run my life but hey, the LA Shag Festival is happening next week and Minn Vo, who is an #OldSchool #LADancer, is teaching there (aka the guy in this video/ #HollywoodHotshots). Plus, do you hear this music? This band Jonathan […]

What it takes to make a video for @Live.Collegiate.Shag

This was my favorite adventure yet! If you missed the process when it was actually happening (posted on my Instagram Story for 24 hours) then check it out here… In the 1920s, the narrowest place in the Arroyo Seco was dammed to control flooding, and it was named Devil’s Gate Dam, for the demon-like face of a horned figure […]

Collegiate Shag at City Hall Pasadena (Includes Bloopers)

Well, it’s really think to invest in a little boom box. We’ve been using Ronnie’s cell phone while dancing Collegiate Shag but as you can see in the bloopers… it doesn’t work well. We’ve done pockets, hidden it around corners, you name it… Anyway, we really liked this location and I really like this band: […]

Angels Flight – Vintage Life – Historic Los Angeles

*Special break away from travel posts for this Monday only* I couldn’t help it, this was just too fun and I feel in love with this location “The World’s Shortest Railway” aka Angels Flight when I was reading about Los Angeles History months ago. Here is the scoop: Originally built in 1901, near the Third […]