Boogie Woogie Competition 2021 – Sondre & Tanya

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Our Boogie Woogie First Fast Round at the World Championship in Kharkiv, Ukraine!

Learn Swing Dancing Online with Sondre & Tanya here:
Sondre & Tanya – Instagram:
Sondre & Tanya – TikTok:
Sondre & Tanya – Facebook:
Sondre & Tanya – Website:

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Comment (56)

  1. You two make the others look like legless senior citizens in wheelchairs. AND NO COMPARING ON THE CREATIVITY OF THE MOVES. In terms of creative moves, you guys leave the rest absolutely in the dust. CONGRADULATIONS!

  2. Сколько бы ни выпил воды, никогда не напьешься на всю жизнь. Сколько бы ни смотрел эту пару, никогда не налюбуешься.


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