Boogie Woogie by the river Nils and Bianca

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We found this nice spot just around the corner of the dance studio where we practice💚. The tune we are dancing to is Mead “Lux” Lewis’ “Meade’S Blues” 1944.
Boogie Woogie is a social dance that has its roots in swing dancing. It is not only a competition choreographed dance, but much much more. Keep reading if you are still wondering what Boogie Woogie is. 🎵⬇️
Boogie Woogie is a style of piano playing that became popular in the late 1920s where the left hand would play a strong baseline and the right hand would play melodic stuff over it. In the early 1940s piano Boogie Woogie became popular again and many swing bands started adding boogie woogie elements in their tunes.
The dance Boogie Woogie nowadays is a dance mostly danced to 50’s rock’n’roll tunes and early 40’s rhythm and blues tunes and its name was given when the acrobatic rock’n’roll and the non acrobatic rock’n’roll (today Boogie Woogie) got divided. This dance can be danced of course to actual Boogie Woogie music and it is more fun than ever! 🙂

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