Ballet in Jive 1944 (Joan McCracken)

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From the movie: HOLLYWOOD CANTEEN 1944
The best part of this is the Lindy Hop chorus routine beginning at about the 2:55 mark. Joan McCracken was a very charming and talented member of the original Broadway cast of “Oklahoma” but sadly she died at only 43 having made only two Hollywood movies.

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  1. Okay don't take this the wrong way please. That was probably the weirdest thing I've seen in a minute! I would so love if you could email me this video I would totally play it on my channel and direct people towards yours. I loved it

  2. I saw the movie, Hollywood Canteen, a few months ago, and this scene mesmerized me. I became enthralled with Joan McCracken to the point that I bought her biography, “The Girl Who Fell Down”. She was Bob Fosse’s wife at one time and inspired him to become a choreographer. She died young, age 43, and never saw how famous he became. She was also part of the inspiration for Holly Golightly in Truman Capote’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

  3. The male principle dancer (the man on the plaid suit) is Willard Van Simons. He had a long and distinguished career in dance. He performed early on in nightclubs and cruise ships. This led to performances with ballet troupes, operas and movies.

  4. Sad to see so many really great dancers but no one knows them. Show Biz is tuff! Only a handful get "discovered" I think for Joan, Agnes DeMille was her helper. According to what I've read, Agnes DeM really liked her alot!!

  5. Please don’t be offended by this comment. This dance number should be called “What Do I Have To Do To Get Laid”. Slow the speed to .50 or .25, mute it and you’ll see what I mean. If you happen to be a fan of old movies you will notice writers, directors and the stars themselves placed many subliminal drug and sexual messages in their scenes because of strict censorship. Pay special attention to what happens at the bar and you will see what I mean.


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